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Occupy The Shelters

     Occupy Portland is committed to recognizing and coming to the assistance of the peoples and organizations who have been working to address those who are most afflicted by economic and social inequality, most notably the houseless. Recently, due to the explosive increase in need, several churches in the Portland area have opened their spaces as shelters for the housless. To continue to offer their spaces as shelters, these churches are asking the community to join them in responding to the needs of the houseless.
Many of us who are involved with Occupy Portland believe that access to shelter is an inalienable human right. We of Occupy Portland want to make sure that the community understands our commitment to promoting a more compassionate world, a world in which the needs of the poverty stricken are acknowledged and met. Also, we want the community's trust that when we speak of "change", we intend to be the change we want to see in the world. No more waiting for politics to address poverty and houslessness.
Working together with the faith communities who have stepped up to shelter the housless, we can ensure that more of the housless in our city have access to shelter.
What they are requesting: Shelter hosts, this is an overnight commitment to host the shelter and its guests for the evening.

Evening routine looks like:
     6:30 P.M. Occupy hosts arrive at shelter
     7:00 P.M.Open doors to let guests in for evening
     7-9:00 P.M. Guests will have access to shower and kitchen facilities
     9: 00 P.M. Lights out
     7:00 A.M. Wake up call
     8:00 A.M. Clear and lock up shelter

Occupy the Shelters working group will be hosting every Thursday evening at Common Cup shelter. The shelter is located on 35th and Se Yamhill.

Other Info:
     -No less than two Occupiers are needed to host each Thursday.
     -The church provides an air mattress and sleeping space for the hosts as well, so no need to stay awake all night.
     -Occupy Portland is free to use the space for meetings during the hours of 7-9 so long as it doesn't conflict with our host duties.

Please connect with Elmira to get involved in this outreach project.
503. 501. 8699 or at .
For more information on Common Cup Shelter, please visit


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